True Beat - Back To Square One

WARNING: Serious fun is to be had here!

If you aren't adverse to a bit of ska (or even if you are) then please read on…

True Beat are here with their debut CD Back To Square One. As you would expect from a ska album, it is fun and very bouncy.

Musically True Beat aren't breaking new ground but they deliver top notch tunes. The guitars are superb and there are some really snazzy riffs on show, full of energy and flair and the bounce is always there. You can't help but want to dance to this CD.

The lyrics have a wonderfully sardonic British humour to them, which just makes it so much more fun as it has a very personal feel to it. I love the comic style of bands like NOFX so it's very nice to hear a British band delivering something with such high quality.

Having supported such ska greats as Bad Manners and The Beat you can tell that True Beat have been accepted by their peers and will keep ska alive and well for a long time to come.

Standout tracks:
Payday - who hasn't spent it all before the next one is due!
Blames Direct - go on, guess what parasites this is having a dig at!
28 Percent - a wonderful dig at paying taxes in the UK
My Distraction (The TV Song) - just because I hate TV!

by K.T. Glitz

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