True Beat - Words of Wisdom

You have to be flattered when you get music sent to you to review purely because there is more chance that you will 'get it' than some of the other reviewers. Reviewers for whom product from the latest glam metal act with hair like Vince Neil's Too Fast For Love fake look - courtesy of a vintage version of Adobe Biroshop maybe - drops into their inbox like generic manna from hair metal heaven. So, when I got asked to review True Beat, I was more than happy to oblige if only to keep me on my toes and not allow myself to drift into the clichéd, formulaic world populated by the weak-minded and the unadventurous.....

Hailing from West London, True Beat are a new ska band who have been happily compared to The Specials and Bad Manners. They claim that their band is about two things - thinking and dancing - and after listening to 'Words Of Wisdom', I'd have to agree. Apart from spelling their song titles incorrectly - 28 Precent??? - I can find little fault with the band. They play well and their colourful social commentary is as valid now as ever. They are compared to bands from three decades ago and their manifesto is simple and similar to those that were born of that time. Is it funny or sad that we still face the same issues a generation later?

Lyrically dealing in attacks on government, racism, fascism, sexism et al is nothing new, yet sadly as essential as it has always needed to be. True Beat manage to combine these issues with some infectious music that will always get people moving. I'm guessing that punters leave their gigs with thoughts provoked but also with big grins plastered across their faces. With a new Rancid album on the verge of release and bands like The King Blues being lauded in the music press, this could be a good time to be a member of True Beat. Recommended.

by Gaz E.

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