Travoltas - Teenbeat

No no no. TRAVOLTAS aren't a tributeband to the BEE GEE's. They aren't suffering from the hazardous Saturday night fever. They are probably not reading pulp fiction. They are a surf pop/punk band from the Netherlands. The punkscene is healthy in Holland and Travoltas may be their next export.

TRAVOLTAS previous albums have all been good to a point but a bit too raw to attract masses. "Teen Beat" will change all that. It contains ten hits. Ten tracks of polished punk with touches of BLINK 182, RAMONES and the BEACH BOYS. TRAVOLTAS would score if they got any of their songs into a typical American collegemovie.

TRAVOLTAS probably live by the shore but it's the Californian coast they're longing for. Can you feel the teenbeat? TRAVOLTAS are for kids dreamin of a date at the drive-in's..

by Andreas Persson

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