Traumatisme - Horrorwood Rocks 2

Track listing:
01 - Inside The Rock 'N' Roll Freak Show
02 - Animate Me
03 - Screw It!
04 - The Madman Strikes Again
05 - Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams
06 - Megalomaniac
07 - Hot And Nasty
08 - Return To Horror High
09 - The Monsterman
10 - Zombie In The TV

He's back again! The French maniac TRAUMATISME returns with his latest release HORRORWOOD ROCKS 2.

Once again Traumatisme delivers a fantastic album with quality songs. The packaging is gorgeous from the concept art to the multi page booklet and it really puts some major label releases to shame.

As for the songs, they are great big slabs of horror rock that fit so well with Traumatisme's image and concept. Horror rock might not be big or clever but is sure as hell a whole lot of fun and this album is certainly that. Catchy choruses, big riffs and some wonderful trashy bubblegum glam punk horror lyrics are what makes this album so special.

Just like the previous release, Horrorwood Rocks, the production is the only thing that is weak about this album and for a self produced album that is understandable but that really doesn't get in the way of how good the songs are. If someone would give Traumatisme a good budget to do an album then the results would be staggering.

Traumatisme has pulled out a blinder with Horrorwood Rocks 2 and I highly recommend this release.

Standout tracks:
Inside The Rock 'N' Roll Freak Show
Screw It!
Hot And Nasty
Return To Horror High
The Monsterman


by K.T.Glitz

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