Trashtown Thrillers - A Red Rose and a Shotgun Kiss

Craggy Thriller - now that's a fucking rock 'n' roll name! Chester Bennington, Chris Martin, Cliff Richard - hang your heads in shame. Craggy is the frontman of Trashtown Thrillers, debauched denizens of Brighton, a place made famous by its nudist beach and the headband of a gentleman named Steve Foster. Brighton is often referred to as "the gay capital of Britain" and it is little wonder that they are so happy when their people are punching out scuzzy, three chord foot tappers.

Craggy and Co. contributed a song - 'Mr Addiction' from 'More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace' - to the great little Dogs D'amour charity tribute album 'Their Hearts Caught Fire' and there's more than a little debt of dishonour owed to Tyla given the cover art for this EP. Musically though, the band opt for a more traditional rock 'n' roll sound with one foot firmly in the junk and punk scene. Opener 'Trash 'N' Roll' features some drumming that appears to be playing the same song but with a one second delay, but is saved by a rebel rousing chorus and its loutish backing vocals. On 'Step On You' the Crag-meister sounds like Alex Mitchell from Circus Of Power and, as far as I'm concerned, needs no further endorsement. 'Complicated' compliments its quintessential British sound with a spoken section that is part 'Don't You Ever Leave Me' and part 'Junkie Man'. 'The World's Great Manipulator' sounds like Soho Roses and anyone who doesn't want to check it out after reading that comparison should really stop reading this and hurry back to their Disturbed CD collection. There is an extra, unnamed track at the rear end of this EP - a live, bluesy number that is probably named after the EP title, but just could be called 'The Conquistador Of Cock Rock'. If not, I hereby give written permission for Trashtown Thrillers to use this as a future song title.

Sure, there's a healthy spattering of bum notes and flat vocals ensconced in this compact disc but it contains something that the majority of polished, pro-tooled music doesn't - heart. And heart will beat down technical excellence every time. Ask Ivan Drago.

by Gaz E.

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