Trashpit Magazine - Volume 1: New Breed Rising

TrashPit Magazine has been around for a few years now, covering what's hot in our little world of glam-rock-punk-pop. As the name suggests, this compilation is the first to be put together by TrashPit main-man Rob Lane, to complement and showcase the acts he features in his brilliant fanzine.

Fans who regularly attend gigs over here in the UK will probably have seen or heard many of the bands featured on this disc, especially if you're partial to a pint at the Purple Turtle, or juggle the Jacks and Jagers at Junktion7. The UK scene seems quite small and close-knit, yet manages to stay very active, especially in London and the Midlands.

With so many of the 80's American Rock acts emerging from their fifteen-year hibernation recently, the renewed interest has spawned this new breed of homegrown talent to support them in our clubs, opening for them and sometimes blowing them away!

And so back to the disc itself. Patchwork Grace kick things off with 'Soap', previously unreleased and instantly reminding me of Skunk Anansie, which is not a bad thing, to be honest. My favourite track on the album comes in the form of 'Don't Make Me Make You' by The Erotics, the sleazy New Yorkers currently back in the UK being supported by the excellent Teenage Casket Company. TCC's latest offering 'Don't Look At Me Like That' follows swiftly after, hardly stopping for breath. With twelve tracks crammed into forty minutes on this disc, the listener is definitely kept on their toes.

Other tracks worth mentioning include the Manic-like 'Reasons' by Idiot3, not heard of them before but well worth keeping an eye out for; 'Blind Eye' by the gorgeous Vamps & Gypsies, and previously unreleased 'Hey Rosa' by Zen Motel, which abruptly closes out the album.

Should you buy this CD? For half the price of a regular album, and with no filler, it'd be rude not to, and plain stupid. It opened my ears to a few new bands, and reminded me why I love the UK scene so much.

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