Trashcan Darlings - 10 Years of Trash DVD

This is the first DVD release from Trashcan Darlings and if like me you're a complete newcomer to the band (where have we been for the last 10 years?!) it serves as the perfect introduction. A DVD serves as a much better introduction than a best of CD ever could for these guys as they are a very visual band as well as great musicians with a knack for writing some fantastically catchy songs. This DVD is filled with live clips, a couple of TV appearances and some promo videos, two of which are previously unreleased including the bands never before seen first ever promo for 'I Just Wanna Die (On A Chemical High)', which was recorded for the demo version and locked away from the public once the song had been fully recorded for a single release. The live clips come from a variety of shows recorded over a ten year period and although there are one or two clips where the quality is of bootleg standard (mainly because they are bootleg clips filmed by an audience member) this certainly doesn't detract from your viewing pleasure. If anything it serves as a more realistic view of the band in a live setting. Mostly though the live clips are of top notch quality, especially the show in Oslo recorded in 2005, which the bulk of the tracks are taken from. This show was a multi-camera recording and gives a very professional feel to the clips.

Interspersed with the music are some very informative interviews with band members past and present giving a complete history of the band from guitarist 'Chris Damien Doll' first hooking up with vocalist 'Strange Gentle', through their long (and continuing) search for other band members and onto the present day and the bands future plans. Lots of great stories are told along the way from tales of their first ever gig to the indispensable "Danny Dee's Guide To Touring Europe". Guitarist Frankie Nachtnebel is interviewed pulling the quintessential trash star pose, sitting in a bubble bath in tight jeans with a whiskey and a cigarette. Marvellous stuff! The band aren't shy about the fact that quite a few members have come and gone along their 10 year journey but it's great to see that the previous members have been involved in this too, giving another insight into the bands history. It's refreshing to see a band that doesn't want to airbrush the past out of the picture and obviously keep in touch and remain on good terms with their past members.

The Trashcan Darlings come across as a really tight live band full of energy onstage who haven't forgotten that a show is meant to be visually exciting as well as musically inspiring, with some great lighting effects and pyro in all the right places. This is a very professional package that really captures the essence of these guys. The only problem they may have to face is that, for the close-minded of music fans, they look too glam for the punk crowd and sound too punk for the glam crowd. The only thing to say to that is fuck pigeonholes! This is a great DVD filled with great music from a great band.

by John Baxter

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