Trashcan Darlings - Getting Away With Murder

'These are The Violent Years!' sneers and screams the opening salvo on the latest CD from Norway's Trashcan Darlings; replete with 'woah-hoah!' backing vocals, its mid-8 guitar melodies are as quirky and oddball as their fashion sensibilities (one part horror-clown, four parts sub-Hanoi Rocks). It's a confident start, and moreover, reminiscent of a thousand other droogie glam/punk bands -- 69 Eyes, Rancid, et al.

Dare I say it, but the following track, 'Rocket Madonna', almost sounds like Status Quo! Well, were it not for the Warrior Soul (circa Space Age Playboys) vocals and OTT drum fills/samples. 'Playstation' is familiar (too familiar?) territory with its chirpy chorus, and, with the next track entitled 'Back To The Parti', you pretty much know what to tra-la-la expect.

I could wax lyrically about the immediacy and predictably of the CD's middle bunch of tracks, but there's no point really: one either loves this sort of music, and all its self-constrained aspirations to bring nothing new to its genre, and to just shut up and party innit -- or one doesn't. Personally, I'm intensely ambivalent about it all, if such a thing is possible.

The ninth track, 'No Time To Cry', is the CD's first ballad? Is it bollox! We're off again -- 190BPMs of sneers, guitars and angst-in-the-pants melodies. Bless'em.

'Submission' isn't a cover of the Pistol's classic, it's 190BPMs of... you know the rest. Those still lamenting Motorcycle Boy's non-reported sink into obscurity may get a kick out of penultimate track, 'Because You're Young'. It's refreshing to hear a glam/punk band choosing something rockabilly-esque to go off on a creative tangent with than the once-invariable ska predilections of their snotty peers.

by Darren, X-GF Media

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