Trashcan Darlings - Tunes From the Trashcan

If a band was a breakfast cereal, then the Trashcan Darlings would obviously be Rice Crispies with their ability to snap, crackle, and pop. They do it again with the EP Tunes From the Trashcan.

While only four songs in length, the band proves that quality wins out over quantity. The hooks are sharp; the songs instantly catchy. The punchy melody of Peggy Sue is Dead follows the classic Trashcan Darlings sound. The smooth chorus and choppy verses of I Won't Pay the Price give a new wrinkle. The nods to T. Rex on (Never Enough) You're Too Much are welcome. Electric Vampires ends the short, yet thoroughly satisfying, proceedings on a darker note, with lyrics recalling vintage Misfits. These same lyrics, throughout the disc, are a major improvement over their last release, Episode 1: The Lipstick Menace.

Trashcan Darlings seem to be maturing while keeping what makes them great. Their sound remains the same, but is more refined. This is a great reason to get some pick this one up and keep an eye on this band in the future. Don't forget the milk.

by Lycan Davis

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