Trashcan Darlings - Episode 1: The Lipstick Menace

Scandinavia continues in its production of glam acts. This time, Norway's Trashcan Darlings release their first full-length release 'Episode 1: The Lipstick Menace', fourteen tracks with a sound that falls somewhere between the Orphan Punks and Hollywood Teasze.

Trashcan Darlings have the knack for producing smooth melodies that will have you shaking your various body parts whether you want to or not. The melodies are strong and punchy, easily proving to be the strongest part of the CD, this is good since the lyrics, while clever at times (with songs like 'Call Girl') tend to get a bit predictable throughout.

Originally released on vinyl in 2002, 'Episode I: The Lipstick Menace' will be available as a Japanese release early 2004. It's not a challenging listen but if you're looking for a collection that will bring a smile to your face and repeatedly hit your fun button, check this one out.

by Lycan Davis

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