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Detroit's Trash Brats are today's godfathers f underground glamrock. They started out in the late eighties and missed to surf on the same glam/sleaze wave as PBF, LA Guns, Skid Row and all the others. Thee Brats were too much drag for Geffen Records anyway.

Finally is their first 1990 debutalbum available on CD. Eventhough Trash Brats' later CD's - "Joke's on You" and "Out of the Closet" - are excellent, I regard their debut as their best. Glamorous poppunk with catchy refrains and "heard-to-be-believed" lyrics. "Don't Wanna Dance", "Suit of Armour" (a beautiful metaphor about the fear of love) and "Someday's Too Late" would all make it into my personal compilation of the best glamsongs. This CD also contains two bonussongs, one being my all-time Trash Brats' fave - "Suicide Dedication". Whoooooo

Ten years later, Trash Brats still rock n roll in the right places. It's so unfair that this bunch of motown brats haven't broke through yet. I'm certain that Thee Trash Brats will succeed but it will be in their own way, they won't play it safe.


For all of you Glamour Punks who missed out on the Trash Brats' seminal debut, this is your big chance. This album was originally released in 1991 and is a milestone for any self-respecting Glam fan. Featuring live favorites such as "Bubble Gum Girl", "Gas Boy" and "S-M-U-T", this disc shows Brian and the gang in fine form, coming across as a poppy version of the Dictators mixed with a good dose of vintage Queeny Blast Pop.

The album also contains two bonus songs, "Suicide Dedication" and "Nuthin' for Xmas", which still have the same punch and drive as the old ones. So fear not, dear reader, the band has no intention whatsoever to "sell out"; they still are, after all these years, one the best live acts I have ever seen. The only reason why they never sold zillions of records is that they never kissed any A&R's ass, never compromised, never lost their integrity. I have so much respect for this foursome and so should you…I expect that you buy this record a.s.a.p.!

Trash Brats CD is available from I94 Recordings
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First review by Andreas Persson
Second Review by Marco Caneva