Trash Brats - American Disaster

Trash Brats are one of my favorite bands. They've been rocking in thirteen years and are finally getting some of the respect they deserve. They still rock from the heart and look like queer cheerleaders.

The Artwork on "American Disaster is excellent and done by King VelVedda who also does some covers for ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN among others. Musically THEE TRASH BRATs are rocking harder than ever. This is probably their rawest and dirtiest album to date.

Opener "Rocket to Heaven" boosts the energy of another great rockband from Detroit, THE STOOGES. "Imitation Generation" is catchy and has a great guitarmelody. It would make a perfect single. "Making it Right" sounds like old school TRASH BRATS though Brian O'blivion has lost some of his glamsnarl in his voice. The Single "Must be the Coccaine" still rocks. "Hungry Eyeballs" and "Sentenced Man" are perfect examples of this, the band's most diverse album to date.

"American Disaster" manage to be challenging and old-fashioned rock n roll at the same time. It's THEE TRASH BRATS' most interesting release so far. Almost as their good as their debut ten years ago (re-released on CD a year ago). Get it!

by Andreas Persson

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