Tracy Gang Pussy - Number 4

First things first. The band name sucks. It sucks big time. It sounds like it was chosen by some kind of online band name generator where you chose random words from three lists and it doesn't matter if they make sense together. Slightly less importantly, the name made me think I was going to get something with at least some sort of glam/glitter influences and I didn't get a hint of that or the sleaze invasion that the press release mentions.

But what about the music I hear you ask? Well, luckily for this rather odd looking four piece, the music stands up pretty well. Produced to perfection, the 12 tracks on display here positively leap out of the speakers. If I absolutely had to name a genre I'd say that for the most part this is what passes for punk these days. Guitars crash, the vocalist belts the lyrics out with passion, backing vocals are strong and there's a very healthy understanding of how to make a song melodic without losing any of the power and urgency.

After a while the songs do get a little samey which is fine if this is a genre of music that you enjoy but for the rest of us, it gets dull pretty quickly. For me, it's the slower numbers such as "Miss Negativity" and "I Don't Believe in Happiness Anymore" that really work best. The latter's slow burn start builds into a fine rock tune that positively crackles with energy even if it does sound like they're actually singing "I Don't Believe in A Penis Anymore" - largely thanks to the unfortunate pronunciation!

Standout track would have to be at half way point. "Wide Open to the World" is a mid pace number where the song is given time to breathe. The slower pace and greater emphasis on melody may well alienate those that prefer the power and energy on display elsewhere but this is the number that gives them the better chance of crossing over to a wider fan base. It's not representative of the album as a whole but would definitely encourage a wider audience to give them a listen.

Despite my reservations, this is clearly a band with the potential to go somewhere and if there are any bands out there looking for a decent support act you wouldn't go far wrong with this lot.

by Phil T

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