Tracy Gang Pussy - Paris Sucks!

Paris Sucks! is the third album in just over 3 years from Paris based sleazy punk band Tracy Gang Pussy. The band was formed between 2002 and 2003 by guitar player Revlon who was inspired to start his own band through a love of the Scandinavian rock and roll scene. Thanks to this, influences such as Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters are apparent throughout the release and a production job from the one and only Tomas Skogsberg ensures that the sound and feel of the album is very much in line with the bands these guys take their lead from.

The intro to the album is of a scratchy old record playing a tune that evokes images and a mood of an age old France, which nicely segues into a short acoustic piece before exploding from the speakers straight into "Take Me" without pausing to take breath. The band has a modern, fast and sleazy style to their song-writing but thankfully the guys haven't forgotten the power of a good huge sounding chorus. If they were to get a decent amount of airplay then the likes of Kerrang readers would be all over this, especially on tracks such as "Southern Girl" which could be a huge hit if released as a single. The song itself reminds me a little of AFI and would be huge on the dance-floors of rock clubs across the world if there is any justice in the world. The title track has a great riff and a chorus that mixes some guttural screaming with a perfect balance of melody. There are so many great tracks to choose from on this album, songs such as "She Says", "Live My Life Alone" and the 100mph blast of "Can't Stop That Rock n' Roll" burn with an amount of passion and fire that would put most bands to shame and positively embarrass the bloated mess that was once Guns n' Roses. The album closes with the anthemic "I Want…" which will have even the most conservative listener bouncing up and down on the spot.

The band have been on tour almost constantly since the start of 2007, playing with bands as diverse as AFI, Jimmy Eat World and Aiden and have dates lined up all across Europe, even as far a field as Russia, right through to the end of the year. The songs sound as though they would go down a storm live with an amount of energy infused in them that could only be infectious to a packed club. This band is one band that is well worth checking out before they explode onto the wider music scene and in Paris Sucks! have produced one of the albums of the year.


by John Baxter

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