Tracy Gang Pussy - 3 Track EP

France… a strange one… not really one of those countries that immediately springs to mind when thinking of rock, punk and glam. Sure, they've brought us the likes of Tipsy Wit, Teasin' Babes and Undercover Slut, but to be honest, could you name 10 or more bands that would fit in to the genre?

The question is… could this be about to change? Do we see France becoming the new Sweden in music? I'll say… If Tracy Gang Pussy have their way, then it sure as hell will be.

Tracy Gang Pussy liken themselves to Backyard Babies, The Black Halos and Alleycat Scratch; whilst I have to agree with what they say, there is no way I could just leave it at that. To expand a little, TGP have got a little bit of that raw edge Backyard Babies started with (and lost) and they sure as hell have got the personality and attitude of Alleycat Scratch (check out the member section). Purely and simply, a little girlies (and boysies) heavenly dream. This could very well be one of those bands to watch this space on.

by Spice D. Warlock

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