Tracii Guns - Killing Machine

There's several things you should perhaps know before you read this review. First things first, as a general rule, I usually loathe side projects and secondly, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of L.A.Guns. This combination might contribute to my attitude towards Tracii Guns 1999 solo release, 'Killing Machine'.

It's pretty obvious that Tracii wanted his first solo disc to be angrier than the sleazy sound of L.A. Guns and, as a result, the sound on 'Killing Machine' falls somewhere between thrash and classic 80's metal. In other words, if you plan on hearing songs in the same league as "Ballad of Jayne" or "Rip and Tear", abandon all hope before picking this up. While this may sound tantalizing to fans of either of these genres of music, once again beware as the songs tend to run from being overly clichéd to just flat out boring (and sometimes a combination of both). There are a few exceptions but if these were water, you might dehydrate before finishing the disc.

The one consistent glimmer throughout is Tracii's guitar playing, as he shreds through the eleven tracks. Fans of his guitar work may just enjoy this disc to complete their collection. To everyone else, you might want to save your money.

by Lycan Davis

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