Toxic Twist - S/T

This looks and sounds to me like a self funded CD, not a bad thing, more bands should take up this sort of DIY initiative... going out... selling themselves, but, I would suggest that a street corner would be more suited to the members of Toxic Twist. This CD is a bad job, badly done. The production is appalling, and sounds to me like the singer slipped the mixing person a couple of extra bucks to slide the volume up on his vocals, he's just too loud.

The whole point of this type of Californian Glam-punk is to have a 'raw', 'live' sound, but this just sounds fake, its sloppiness makes for quite an uncomfortable listen. It does however, have everything an album of this ilk should have, songs, samples, sex noises, cowbells, guitar solos, and the token ballad, but while it has all the ticks in the right boxes, regarding the glam approach it's screaming 'amateurs'.

This is a damning review, I admit, but if this band have anything about them, they will see it as constructive criticism. I say forget so much about image and lesbian simulated noises at the beginnings of songs, just rehearse! More women will come flocking to gigs if you are as good on stage as you hope you are in the bedroom.

If after hearing all this you are still interested in listening to a bad quality trash band then check 'em out coz as track three 'Ain't Gonna Stop' states determinedly 'we ain't gonna stop until we drop' which unfortunately for the listener is more of a threat than a promise.

by Mekanydoll

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