Torch Le Monde - Eat the Words

Hailing from Sydney, Australia Torch Le Monde have spent the last 3 years with their noses planted firmly to the grindstone. Continual gigging and the release of a self-titled ep in 2007 has proven fruitful with Torch Le Monde now possessing one of the most devoted fan bases in and around their home city. Just as solid as their fan base is their brand of hard rock on this, their sophomore release, 'Eat The Words", which showcases five high-class tracks sure to appeal to fans of both classic and modern rock.
Opening with the solid anthem-driven "Let Go" , Torch Le Monde let their musicianship come to the forefront from the first note. They sound tight and polished, which is not surprising when you consider that brothers Joel and Jordan McDonald have been playing together since they were kids. The title track "Eat The Words" is equally as solid however tends to infuse a more dirty, gritty characteristic to their sound. If Heaven's Basement was to bend Velvet Revolver over a dumpster in a dark and dirty alley, the bastard child would sound something like this.

"Love Led You Astray" show that the guys are just as competent with more mellow, almost ballad-like, material. Classifying Torch Le Monde is near on impossible. They somehow manage to combine the huge production of modern melodic rock with the raw sound of sleaze infused dirty grunge. Can you image anyone ever sounding like Alice In Chains-meets-Nickleback? I thought not...

With less flash-and-bash, and more focus on quality melodies and song writing, Torch Le Monde are one serious rock band... which is rather ironic considering their recent US support slots with comic-book rockers Steel Panther. With over 20 US dates now under their belt and 2 EPs in the bag, this Sydney 4 piece have a really solid foundation on which to build a worldwide assault. As they say in the classics - watch this space!

by Lindsay Buloch

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