Top Johnny - Top Johnny

This CD starts with the song "Bad Boy (For Loving You)" and it has some vibes from the 80's, but the sound is very modern, and works out very well. The CD has a great start with lots of energy, but sadly enough, the disappointment isn't far away with track 2, "Bustin' Loose" which sounds like something Korn could have done, and even worse, on a bad day. One good thing, not the entire album is like this, but it's very obvious that this band find its inspirations from many different sources, making it hard to really know what they're playing.

The song "Keep It Real" offers different elements to their music; it's calmer, but still speedy. But the absolute highlight of the album is placed as track 7, "The Edge (Is Where the Action Is)". It's rock, it's speedy and the guitars are fun, a potential party song.

But not every song is in this quality, and if it wasn't for the solo in "Feel So Alive" it would have been very unnecessary to even have it on the album. The same thing with "This Time", where the band combines metal with rap; it doesn't work, not this time.

Rating: 5/10

by Johanna Salo

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