Tonk - Sister Switchblade

Abiding by the age-old themes of sex, drugs and rock and roll that appeals to millions, and complete with an album full of filth and fun, it's no wonder that Tonk have a steadily growing fan-base.

Hailing from Canberra, Australia, these boys pull no punches, serving you a kick in the teeth from the word go. The first track - and a stand-out one at that - "Redback" delivers you with a catchy riff and an addictive foot-stomping beat, so rowdy that you can almost smell the attitude through your speakers. Infusing sleaze with a dosage of punk, this song writhes with attitude and boasts the right amount of mischief, without going overboard with the typical rock and roll clichés.

From the first guitar chords of "Sister Switchblade" - the track that shares the name of the album - you know exactly what to expect. And it doesn't disappoint. Guitars with plenty of swagger to boot, vocals that trudge over you with a strutting confidence, and lyrics about cocaine, switchblades and champagne - it's pretty easy to spell out what this band is all about.

Without losing pace towards the end of the album, track "Stick With my Blood" keeps you interested, and has subtle hints of debauchery, whilst final track "Sick and Depraved" serves as a satisfying album-closer.

Potentially Buckcherry and Crystal Pistol's love child, this album's hard edge cuts through you like a switchblade.

by Becki K

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