Toilet Boys - Living Like a Millionaire

NYC's Toilet Boys have been making some noise lately and based on their 6
song CD, it's easy to understand why. NYC - the city which is the resident for more freaks and outrageous personalities than anyplace else, has been longing for a tasteless shameless bunch of punkrockers ever since The Dolls split. There are new boys in town and the big apple doesn't look as rotten anymore. Toilet Boys have an amazing concept. They manage to be both street, tattoos and drag at the same time. Androgynous gypsy  - lead  vocalist - Miss Guy, could very well be Jayne County's little sister (or brother?)! The World has been waiting for a new generation of genderbenders!

Musically Toilet Boys borrows from glam and punk. Opener "Rocket City"
sounds very much like The Ultras. "Another Day in the Life", "Go Go Boy",
"Electric" is cocky glampunk on fire. The Titletrack "Living like a millionaire" ends 18 minutes of raw rampage. I'm convinced. These boys will leave the toilet with a bang. Soon everyone wants to buy a ticket to rocket city... Houston - we have a problem!

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Reviewed by Andreas Persson