Titan - Steps

Titan is an 80's style AOR band. Their debut EP "Steps" is actually quite impressive. They have all the hooks and great harmony together. They sound like a band that would have been huge in the mid to late 80's and although a bit out of place today, there is still enough interest in this type of music to give them a fair shot at getting some attention.

I had expectations of this EP before listening to it and it lived up to what it promised. Very strong production and a well-put together cast of musicians makes this immediately stand out. Standout tracks are "When Evening Falls" and "One More Night." Both of these have that classic AOR sound and make the album stand out as an 80's classic even if it was released just recently, while the title track "Steps" is an instrumental that flows just as well as the rest of the EP.

This EP was very satisfying as a worthy title in the AOR library. I hope to see much more from this band as I believe they have the ability to not only create great music, but the ability to transport the listener back in time. A very good debut release that gets two big thumbs up.


by Patrick White

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