Thunderbird 13 - Take Or Leave It

Much as I love the party vibe of glam rock, like a decent bar of chocolate, there's only so much of it I can stand in one go and I'm often in search of something with a little more crunch. Three piece Thunderbird 13 are well placed to satisfy that search with this five track EP. A surprisingly dense sound for a three piece (I'd be interested to hear if they can re-create this live), there's very little subtlety on show here.

Opener "Heads 'n' Tails" sets the scene, leaving the speakers like a Sherman Tank with the monotone malicious vocals adding an air of menace, the only thing to criticise would be the rather lame cries of "hey" now and again. Nothing wrong with the idea - they just sound horribly weedy compared to everything else that's going on!

Closer, "House of Sin" is the only thing on this that matches it for intensity with the intervening tracks being shown up only by being bookended by those corkers. There's nothing wrong with them - they occasionally remind me of tracks that Stabbing Westward rejected at the demo stage and as I'm a big fan of theirs, that's a rather back handed compliment, they just weren't quite up to the same quality. "Take it Or Leave It" is the best of the three, dumping some of the crunch in return for melody and a vocal that can best be described as "lightweight".

Overall though, it's a corking little five track EP. A little more variety in the vocal department wouldn't go amiss - it's a little monotone and on a few occasions the drums could do with being turned down in the mix, but as demos go it's well produced.

For those seeking something a little heavier Thunderbird 13 are worth checking out.

by Phil T.

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