Three Quarter Stone - Bullet With A Name

"Bullet With A Name! is the second album by Canadian group Three Quarter Stone, following their release of "It Starts Right Here"… in 2006. This album is for fans of brutal garage biker-rock like Motorhead and Godsmack.The band doesn't pull any punches and relentlessly pounds out songs that could easily be the soundtrack to any great biker movie or modern day slasher flick but any questions about their rock n' roll credentials get crushed immediately after seeing the naked woman on the back of the album, holding a pistol and wearing nothing but panties and black leather boots lol!

Lead singer Dan Wray howls like a dog in heat while telling tales of badass babes ("You Are the One") and having the balls to be yourself ("Believe"). "Waste of Time" is a southern blues massacre that carves out the attitude of a band that doesn't have the time to worry about what anyone thinks except themselves. The blistering solo heard on the song "It Don't Matter" manages to put the crushing power of Metallica or Sepultura up against all the cock sure strut and swagger found on early albums by the Rolling Stones.

Although Three Quarter Stone has powerful choruses and pounding drums that hit in with the power of a sledge hammer, the band understands how to craft a heartfelt ballad. The one song on the record that really drives this point home harder than a hollow point bullet through your skull, is the slow sway found on "I Don't Need". This song comes complete with tasteful guitar solos and dirty distortion in a few spots, but overall it really slows their sound down by strumming acoustic guitars and even sees them playing along with a string section. Lead singer Dan Wray shines darker and deeper on "I Don't Need" than he does on almost every other track on the disc. Wray sings "I don't need for you to hold my hand/I don't need for you to understand/What I like, to have you here with me/the comfort of a friend in my time of misery" overtop of a powerful arrangement. The band fuses their sound with a symphonic synergy that makes the violins and cellos sound like a marriage made between heaven and hell.

Don't get me wrong, Three Quarter Stone have a long way to go before they reach the top of the charts, but it is clear that these Canadian rock merchants are well on their way to seeing success shine on them. After honing the songwriting skills from their last album, it wouldn't be surprising to see these guys on a tour across Canada, and the USA some time soon. In the meantime, "Bullet With A Name" has songs that you could hear in the foreseeable future in tattoo parlours and strip clubs across the nation. Lemmy would be proud, boys.

A great album

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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