Thirty Seconds To Mars - The Kill (Rebirth)

Released at the tail end of April to coincide with a series of 5 sold out UK shows, "The Kill" is a three minutes and thirty seconds slice of "Jared Leto's" musical dreamscape, more commonly known to us as "Thirty Seconds To Mars".

Not being a big fan of music of this ilk, I find the obvious comparisons to the likes of "Lost Prophets", "Deftones" et all, just too damn easy, and after repeat listening to this epic and anthemic refrain, I can honestly say that I do not find this as offensive as say "Aiden" or "The Audition" (who are both truly fucking hideous). Throughout "The Kill" though, the song simply doesn't make me want to do anything other than emulate "Ed Norton's" character in "Fight Club".

I really admire "Jared Leto" as an actor; he has style and a natural charisma that leaps out from the screen, however in saying that the music of "Thirty Seconds to Mars" is the equivalent of him, say character studying "Chris Holmes" for a nu-metal (or is that modern rock) band member role in one of his movies. It simply doesn't ring any truer than "Marc Wahlberg's" character in "Rock Star".

The fascination that musicians and actors seem to have in reversing roles has thrown up such "classic" cases in the past as "Angry Anderson", "Rob Halford", "Keanu Reeves" and "Juliette Lewis" (go on admit it "The Licks" really aren't very good are they), but very seldom any classic output.

In that context, "The Kill and Thirty Seconds To Mars" for me, leads "Jared Leto's" musical legacy towards his rather aptly new movie, that being "Mr Nobody".

by Johnny H.

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