The Wildhearts - The Only One (Single)

This year see's the mighty Wildhearts (probably Britains greatest rock band of the past 20 years), return with a new album "CHUTZPAH!" (released August 31st) and The Only One is the first single released from it. The Only One is a single track download available exclusively through itunes and Amazon, it's a great modern rock ballad, with very little of the Wildhearts classic sound showing through. Bassist Scott Sorry handles lead vocals here and he does a cracking job on the track he wrote, and as I said the song is a cracking modern rock track, proving that a band that's been around 20+ years can move with the times, but here in may lie the problem for the die hard fans. Very little of the Wildhearts classic sound is left on display here, the guitars have been down tuned, Gingers vocals are not here, but still it's a great song that I could imagine going down a storm in rock clubs all over the world. Personally I'd love to have heard Ginger on vocals, but saying that Scott does a great job so who knows.

The song is a grower, so if you're not instantly grabbed by it, give it a chance.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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