The Voodoo Dollies - Sexorcist

Riot girl stylistas, (oh, and a boy), 'The Voodoo Dollies' burst out with short 6 track CD, 'Sexorcist', showcasing a set of gloriously angry, feministic, punk powered tunes. It's attitude all the way with tracks such as, 'Bastard' and, 'Shitbreath', combined with a kick ass, punk rock style throughout. You don't want to get in the way of this band. That's the Voodoo Dollies all right, and we love it.

Their raw energy shines through this sex romp of a CD with no holds barred, clearing the way for a controversial and dynamic quartet. There will of course be comparisons to other girl bands, 'Bikini Kill', 'Kittie' etc, but 'Voodoo Dollies' present an equally as original CD, well worth a listen. Guitar licks are pounded out with no apologies, ploughing the listener through this hard-hitting collection of tunes at a spiralling fast pace.

The 'Voodoo Dollies' won't be to everyone's tastes, but should be appreciated by most. Their 'take no prisoners' attitude is a slap in the face capable of turning even the most placid into raging anarchists, screaming about sex and drugs. Brilliant at the best of times.

by Lauren May

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