The Volanics - S/T

If the old saying that 'first impressions last' rings true, then I can only hope that Perth 4-piece The Volcanics are happy with being seen as a hybrid punk 'n' roll meets garage rock band, as this is permanent impressions these guys leave.

The opening track 'So Cold' is an imaginary infusion of the Hellacopters meets Aussie alternate garage rockers You Am I. The Volcanics certainly retain that Australian rock feeling throughout the album, characterised by some dirty vintage guitar sounds and production that is proudly a little rough around the edges (ala Hell City Glamours).
Songs such as 'Givin' and 'Comin Back' contain an AC/DC like guitar track and are best described as what you could imagine a long haul trucker listening to whilst flying through the darkness at 100 kph. 'Don't Know What You Don't Know' shows a more mellow side to the band, and is one of a few tracks on the album that have a strictly defined textbook chorus. Actually, in my opinion, one of the main things this album lacks is the choruses to hook the listener. I can't fault any tracks, however at the end of the disc I don't have any particularly memorable song reverberating in my head. That said, The Volcanics still deliver some stellar rock 'n' roll performances such as 'Insane Again' which is the highlight of this 12 track stand-and-deliver rockfest.

If dirty garage punk-n-roll tickles your fancy, then The Volcanics could well be your thing. The Volcanics don't sport the designer after-5 stubble like Jet, so you're unlikely to see them on Video Hits, but they certainly live by their self proclaimed creed of "Heart, Soul & Rock n' Roll".

by Lindsay B.

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