The Vibes - Whiskey, Sex & Rock 'n' Roll

Let's start saying, plain and simple: I totally love this! And I would have never expected to say this about a Southern Rock 'n' Roll band from Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland. Listening to this album you would bet they're from Tennessee, and if Mr Jack Daniels had decided to start a band rather than a whiskey brand, it would sound exactly like The Vibes.

Someone said "Sounds like Bud Spencer fighting with Quentin Tarantino while Motörhead plays live on stage", and I quote 'cause I think it's a damn good picture. And I would add, that stage would probably be in a bar on Sixth Street, Austin, Texas. The good thing is, being European we may be in with a chance to see them live without going all the way to the US...

They joined each other in late 2002 and since then they take care of their business to spread their rock 'n' roll like a fever. The sound is rather rude, overdriven guitars & basses, roaring drums and organs, some southern rock influences and the lifestyle of rock 'n' roll. "Whiskey Sex and Rock 'n' Roll" is one rough, racy, dirty, down-to-business rock 'n' roll explosion after the other, no pause, no ballads, no fillers. It's hard to pick highlights or favourites. The title track is absolutely brilliant, makes you wanna headbang, sing, have a beer and smoke all at the same time, but the following "Smokin' Ace" is maybe even better. And what about "Devil's Nipples" and "Bed Rebel"? There's Motorhead but also Supersuckers, with a touch of Social Distortion and, why not? a sprinkle of Jet here and there.

I can only recommend you to get this and listen to all of it, no skip, with a cool straight JD and a cigarette in your hand in a hot summer night, raising your glass to rock 'n' roll and all those who keep it alive.

by Christina Massei

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