The Valentine Failures - Lights Out In Suicide City

I can summarise this CD in two sentences. A lost D-Generation album. If you liked them, buy this. You won't be disappointed.

OK, that was three sentences but you get my drift. Luckily, I've always been a D-Generation fan, despite the fact that a) they weren't the glam rock gods I had hoped they'd be and b) they had a habit of re-recording songs from previous albums and releasing them again on their next album. I guess perfectionism is a terrible burden to bear.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, the MySpace page for Dallas four piece The Valentine Failures list D-Generation first in their list of influences and they certainly wear these influences on their sleeves. Given the similarities between the track "Blood Shot Eyes "and "Dog House" by the Sea Hags, I'm surprised that they've not also been name checked!

Having said that both those bands are now defunct and Valentine Failures are playing all new material so it's a case of honouring influences rather than being a simple tribute act. All ten tracks on this self financed release contain melodic, punk inspired rock n' roll and as their name and CD title suggests, they're clearly influenced by the grimy side of the gutter. Vocalist Justin spits out the vocals with suitable venom but clearly enough for you to actually make out what he's on about, backing vocals are used effectively, guitars are set to stun throughout. In a live situation, I bet that this lot absolutely destroy. On the basis of this CD alone there's no reason why The Valentine Failures shouldn't manage to win themselves a small degree of success but then again - look what happened to D-Generation........

by Phil T.

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