The Torn - Demos 1 and 2

Originally working hard and successfully since 2001 as north midlands cover band 'Indie Manned'; The Torn were created to perform the guys own songs and bring to life a style that belongs to them alone.

In the two demos given, they have created just that. Initially visualisations of the Beatles, Hard Fi and Oasis emerge though there really is no actual sound-alike to these at all, just an overall sense of their influence. The lead vocals of Calvin Dodd bare some resemblance to those of Paul Weller, very laid back and chilled but with a difference you cant really put your finger on. Both demos are very well produced and it's easy to hear that all the musicians are well trained or qualified in their field. Not that this is too perfect to be interesting, don't get me wrong. I imagine that as a live band they hold all the cards.

'Boys In Blue' and 'Low' although differing in tempo both effectively use short blocks of instruments, solos and vocals. There's little repetitiveness and where choruses or riffs are repeated the parts vary, avoiding any boredom. Both songs are not actually long enough to drag on but both end abruptly leaving you thinking you definitely should have had more. 'Memory Lane' features on both discs but is a rather charming track. Good dynamics again vary the effect creating odd senses, sinister in places and beautifully chilling in others.

Visually the image is flawless, every bit the Indie stars they want and rightfully should be. A spot on one of the Festivals smaller stages I'm sure would easily make certain that they widened their following.

by Sharron Grainger

Editors Rating: 3 out of 5

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