The Thin Men - Demos 2008

I can't help it, I love the calmness in this band, I love the relaxing feeling it sends out. The changing tempos, the lyrics, the melodies, the combination of everything are just perfect.

This EP starts with song "Nowhere", a pretty, calm song, perfect for those moments in the bath tub combined with a glass of cheap wine, at least that's the feeling I get.

But the entire EP makes me miss summer, because the music is perfect for a hot summer's night, to lay on a blanket with some close friends, talking and listening to this EP by "The Thin Men". This may not be anything for the party, but it's for sure worth listening to.

The most fantastic song is "Dream of You", listen to it, and you will be spellbound.

Rating: 9/10

by Johanna Salo

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