The Teenage Idols - Erase Me

With new single 'Erase me' released and a boatload of touring to contend with, 'Teenage Idols' have been busy. Previously having toured their muchly praised debut album around their native Scandinavia, Europe, and the like, I had high expectations from this band.

Whilst the single has some good things going for it, it does lack a certain pizzazz that I was oh so hoping for. Whilst it is a well-crafted track with moments of great build up to an anticipated hook, which alas never comes, the steady beat and repetitive melody have a somewhat hypnotising effect. Vocals are consistent throughout with a tone much to be admired, but this and inventive beats are not enough to keep me held. On the other hand B-side track, 'Nothing can bring me down' holds a lot more liveliness with a great beat and fantastic vocals. A mix of 'The Cramps' with a touch of ska in the chorus springs to mind. Adding catchy guitar licks and a great drum beat and the package is all there.

While some of this CD single was slightly disappointing, I still believe 'Teenage Idols' to be a well worthwhile up and coming band. Their unique style is endearing as well as having catchy hooks and intriguing vocal variety. Not a band to be dismissed without proper attention. 'Teenage Idols' have plenty to impress with and will no doubt will to many.

by Lauren May

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