The Supercalas - Life In a Middle England Town

Life In aMiddle England Town is more of an indie rock record than a heavy rock one but don't let that put you off!

The Supercalas remind me a fair bit of The Fratellis with some really intelligent and funny lyrics that come across as a social commentary on England today. That doesn't mean that this is some neo-political twaddle though. Musically they go from jangly guitars to a more rocky sound. Vocals are very strong and there are some awesome harmonies in the mix too. It's all good, fantastic songwriting and the lyrics blend together perfectly to deliver a musical treat.

Lots of upbeat Britpop/rock songs on offer here and The Supercalas will go down a storm at the summer festivals this year. They certainly have the chance to grab some radio play too, expect to hear more about them very soon!

Standout tracks:
Stupid Love
Die Young (for the lyrics)
Wearing Your Dress (those who know me will understand why I would like this!)
Kato (nice uptempo ditty

by K.T. Glitz

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