The Stuff - Pick It Up, Pig Boy

This album is really ballsy from start to finish, after every track I was expecting a quick decline from strong song writing to mundane rubbish... a band can't possibly have a full album of fresh individualism... How wrong I was, there's not even one track remotely close to being a 'skipper'.

It's a strong album; well produced and musical talent is smacking you in the face. Its a touch of Mod, packed to the hilt with the old raw power of the sixties Garage sounds with a twist of seventies glam (without the feather boa, sparkle and glitter) and has the heaviness of Eighties Rock and the Hooks of Nineties Indie.

Punky hard-hitting tracks like 'Pretty Please', 'Your Libido' and 'Say Goodbye'. The strut... strut… strut of The Rolling Stones, Buckcherry style bluesy rock in 'Say Hello to Mary' and 'Look at her Go'. Influences sound too many to mention... The faces, Mott the Hoople, even a bit of Bowie, Lou Reed and T-Rex, in 'Here comes the Judge' and 'pl-pl-please', then contrasting quickly away to a more industrial grungy feel in last track 'Bad Day at Blood Beach'.

The vocals are dark, nasally and to the point, very reminiscent of Roxx Gang vocalist Kevin Steele with a little more subtlety, but don't let this put you off if 80's Glam vocalist's style isn't your thang. I'd advise anybody who likes well played diverse Rock n' Roll with shit-hot vocals to go out and buy this album, you'll be Intrigued, street urchins in rat masks??!!?? Nothing is given away by the sleeve, no clues of what this album contains, which is brilliant, no pigeon holing… Just how I Like it!!!

by Mekanydoll

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