The Stuff - Pl-Pl-Please

And what a shake-up for Swedish music!

I honestly didn't know what to expect from this 2tx single, afterall… if you're confronted by four blokes wearing rats heads, you'd wonder what the hell you'd let yourself in for, and as Pelle Gustavsson of P3 (Swedish National Radio) said, I really do agree, they are "dredged straight from the sewers".

With a stringent of sounds and influences flying from all corners, single Pl-Pl-Please can do nothing other than Pl-Pl-Please and alongside track 'Bad Day At Blood Beach' it makes for one seriously, well thought out, fucked up single, and I'm begging for more!

In 2 tiny little tracks, it manages to combine the grooving licks n' hips of 70's and 80's glam, straddled by those pungent stings of mechanical resonance we've come to expect from bands such as Alice In Chains and Brides of Destruction and, when you start to think about it… rats are one of those creatures that have spanned from times bygone and multiply by the 1000's every single day; no matter what, they're here to stay, so accept it… because you never know… this could be the next big disease!

Both tracks can be downloaded from ILLWIND RECORDS

by Spice D. Warlock

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