The Stript - 6 Track Promo

Another bunch of kids who appear to have been born in the wrong decade. Another bunch of kids who, when citing their parent's collection of Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Aerosmith records as major influences, makes me feel really fucking old! Another bunch of kids who, thankfully, are trying to put out the kind of music that makes people like us feel reborn!

Bursting out of the speakers like Gene Simmons bursts out of his lycra, The Stript have used Buckcherry and Velvet Revolver as a starting point and that ain't a bad ice breaker, is it?! Formed less than two years ago and shaped by manager and producer Kirk Moll - ain't that the guy who showed up on the Nuge-inspired VH-1 show Supergroup? - the band take their name from their stripped down sound and their logo from a B-movie poster.

Let's cut to the chase - vocalist Mike Lorenzo is the star of the show here. With a voice that sounds like the bastard offspring of Jeff Keith, Vince Neil and Davy Vain, he has the trademark 80's sleazy rock sneer nailed down. The guy is all over these tracks like liquid plague - confident, ballsy and a star in the making for sure. Opener 'Come Undone' is made by some great, hooky backing vocals and a spoken section that is pure Jesse Camp. 'Where Will You Go?' is a song that will inspire retro-rockers to take off their shoes and dig out 'No Respect'. In fact, the only complaint I have with this entire CD is that the band need to mix it up a little and add a little variety to their catalogue. Saying that, the two new tracks recently added to the band's MySpace profile - 'Shake the Ship' and the great 'Ugly Love' - already show signs of striding forward as a band.

The harsh reality of this business is that bands like this - except for a select few - tend to struggle to get any kind of respect, but have a great time trying! An even harsher fact may be that industry vultures will pick the bones of this young band in the hope of stealing the vocalist and leaving the other three guys behind. Let's hope that this gang can stick together because they are definitely one to watch.

by Gaz E.

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