The Science Fiction Idols - Diamonds and Demons

The Science Fiction Idols are a 4 piece hailing from Pittsburgh and have been around in one form or another since 1998, the current line-up has been in place since October 2003 and this is their third album. Their sound is a lot bigger than any 4 piece band should be able to produce, thanks to a twin guitar and twin vocal approach. Both vocalists have great voices and the slightly brattish delivery sits well with the musical style.

Influences such as Cheap Trick, Bowie and New York Dolls can be heard all over the album, it's full of great sleazy, power pop anthems with a big dose of 70's glam thrown into the mix. The opening track, 'I Want You To Lie' could be a massive hit if it was given the right kind of promotion. Along with the rest of the album it has a big chorus that you can't help but sing along to. The whole album is very instant leaving you with a smile on your face and you just know you'll be humming the songs to yourself for a long time after it ends.

The stomping 'Pissed You In New York' is full of handclaps and honky-tonk piano that doesn't get lost in the mix. The production throughout the album is fantastic, everything sounds clear but still holds that slightly dirty sound that suits this style of music so well. Even the slower track, 'Under My Halo' (which has hints of 'People Are Strange' about it), seamlessly steps up a notch when it reaches the chorus turning into another glam monster. You'd swear the chorus and verses were from two different songs, such is the difference in tempo and mood but it works perfectly. The twin vocals compliment each other well on the ballad 'Mystery and Magic', these guys were made to sing together. The harmonies sound wonderful throughout.

It's depressing to think that so few people will probably hear this, it's a great collection of songs that deserves a wide audience to sit up and take notice. The Idols have recorded something special here, there isn't a bad song on it and no 'filler' material to be found anywhere. I really can't recommend it enough, everyone should buy this album, you won't regret it for a minute!

by John Baxter

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