The Scaramanga Six - Songs of Prey

The press release from Leeds based indie label Wrath Records that accompanies 'Songs Of Prey', the sixth album by The Scaramanga Six, is the PR antichrist - guerilla PR, if you like. It slaughters every typical press release cliché and is a minty breath of fresh air in an inbox full of grey that has the bullshit filter working overtime, highlighting the words "world domination" about ten thousand fucking times. It is A4 comedy genius and is enough to make this reviewer desperately want to like the record......

.......and I do, although it is difficult to really explain why. The Scaramanga Six are a band who are the aural equivalent of an eccentric old uncle who you only see at sporadic family gatherings - you like him, but you can't really remember why. The band are not really a wild and weird new world discovered in shiny disc form - more like an eye and ear opening journey up an unfamiliar avenue. Consigning them to the oddbox would be lazy and totally unfair, as there are moments on 'Songs Of Prey' when the sounds are traditional and straightforward - it's just that these moments are surrounded by an eclectic mix of genre-defying (or denying) styles that follow no rules but the ones created by the band themselves. And that, my friends, is more punk rock than having your new music video simultaneously transmitted on MTV in every country where electricity and brain washing are available at very reasonable prices.

With vocals that managed to survive the cull of its own kind and a chimera of styles somehow pieced together in Frankenhooker fashion, the album will surely raise more eyebrows than horns in the general rock community. Well produced and spattered with intelligent lyrics that crackle with a humour blacker than Johnny Cash's underpants, this album is a dark paean to musical individuality that leaves me scared as to how uncool my review of it will be compared to how unequivocally cool it, and its ideals, truly are. Can I just write that I really like it and leave it there? Yes?

I really like it.

by Gaz E.

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