The Rapscallions - Suck E.P.

Track listing:
01 - Great Swines Drink Alike
02 - Comfort Zone
03 - Revolting Bar Stewards
04 - Capital Punishment

Dartford 3-piece The Rapscallions have a punk rock ethic with a great set of bouncy party songs and witty lyrics that take a satirical look at society. Labelling themselves as Gentleman Punks they play what has now been termed "Rockney" music. Their lyrical humour and style remind me somewhat of Chumbawamba (and NO I don't mean Tubthumping but more the socio-political side of things).

Opening track 'Great Swines Drink Alike' gives a passing nod to The Fratellis. It is, believe it or not, a drinking song! The lyrics are absolute gems, a witty take on the drinking habits of our nation. A foot tapping delight!

'Comfort Zone' has some great vocal harmonies and a great walking bass line that drives the track along.

'Revolting Bar Stewards' - any track with an OI chant is good by me! Once again well-crafted lyrics are backed up by a strong musical accompaniment. This one will be a real crowd pleaser when played live and just screams out for audience participation!

'Capital Punishment' is a great punk rock song that reminded me of both The Jam and The Clash. This time the social commentary is on working and employment. This song has bounce!

The music is fantastic but the lyrics are what set The Rapscallions apart from other bands. I expect The Rapscallions to start the rise in their career following the release of this EP and to see them adorning magazine covers soon. NME watch out, they are coming!

by K.T. Glitz

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