The Psychos - Demo

This bunch of thugs are aptly named judging by the mugshots that grace the back of this brash, in yer face lump of slime from the sluicegates of life. A high-octane speedazzled charge of Dead Boys sewer-riffage and reckless streetwalkin' gutter madness, these sleaze infused slugs leave dirty great swathes of scorching, squalid Les Paul smudges slamdunked in your system, battering your senses with a blitzkrieg bop.

Kickstarting the corpse of Elvis by having him on backing vox on opener 'Devil's Kiss', which also features a nice intro (contact em, buy it find out yeah?), 'Shot You In The Back' has the Dead Kennedy's sprayed all over it, even having hints of Jello in the vocals, where they're pulled from the pit of bop pills and Marlboro's on the other 3 tracks. 'I'm Pulp Baby' sounds like the Yo-Yo's covering (sorry, actually brazenly nicking) Faster Pussycat's 'Smash Alley' then mugging it and leaving it bruised and bloody and 'God Bless Victoria Silvstedt' is a hurricane fighter plane blast thru a paean to breasts.

Amen and gawd Bless indeed.

by Stu Gibson

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