The Project - This Side Up

Italian four piece The Project offer up their debut album This Side Up, which is a really varied album.The songs are all of a great standard, but they take in so many influences from so many varying genres it's hard to keep up, but fun trying. These guys got together back in 2006 'to produce original music' and boy have they done that. The best way to describe The Project would be hard rock with a good dose of energy and melody, lots of tempo changes and an almost Indie style vocal. One minute you can hear a Bon Jovi influence in there then all of a suddenly it's replaced by a Ramones-esqe moment.

This Side Up is a great record provided that you give it a spin or two and give it a chance to sink in. Refreshing but not instant, but this may indeed help the bands longevity in the long run.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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