The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall

Music is truly a wonderful thing that can touch you in so many different ways. So, when listening to "Metal Will Stand Tall" it was just like giving my addled AOR brain fifteen-memory bank blasts all from circa 1987.
Images of dry ice, and mullets blowing suggestively in wind machine driven gales came flooding back, and names that had long since seemingly been erased from my musical history like "Craaft", "Skagarack" and "Fate" were suddenly getting me into a bit of a youtube frenzy.

So it is without any degree of irony that Swedish four-piece "The Poodles" opening salvo on "Metal Will Stand Tall" goes by the title of "Echoes of The Past".
Sounding not unlike an "Axl Rose" fronted version of 1987 era "Whitesnake", the scene is set for an album of out and out party metal with a strong focus on melody and catchy as chlamydia choruses.
The instant likeability of "Metal Will Stand Tall" for me is the bands ability to take tried and tested genres and mix them up, giving you a diverse and challenging listening experience with the likes of the "ZZ Top" meets "Helloween" title track, and the Opera infused "Song For You".
It is however on the more straight ahead rockers that "The Poodles" appear to be most at home, with "Number One", "Don't Give Up on Love" and "Kingdom of Heaven" all destined to send the band into parptastic orbit and mirror the successes already enjoyed by bands such as "Gotthard" Europe wide.

Two smallish blips on "Metal Will Stand Tall" come in the shape of the mandatory ballad, the piano driven "Cryin'" that simply rains on this parade of otherwise stellar rockers and a "metalled up" version of Ultravox's "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes", which is ill conceived and gets me track jumping every time.

To add to my time travel confusion (this CD came without a biog), and after a little research, I find that this version "Metal Will Stand Tall" appears to be an expanded version of the original 2006 (Lionheart) twelve track album with three tracks (two live and one studio edit) added.

Anyway, I'll leave you all to discover the delights of "The Poodles" as I simply don't know what year I'm in right now.

31/2 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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