The Poodles - Sweet Trade

Big melodies and big hooks!

This band, despite the awful name, are actually very good. Singer Jakob Samuel is like a cross between Andy Derris (Helloween) and Joey Tempest (Europe), nice and gritty but carries a great tune.

In places the music reminds of both Europe and Helloween (with a discintive European sound) but in no way actually sound like either of those bands. The music has a very melodic but heavy feel to it. If decent rock music was to get played on the radio again then The Poodles would definitely be up there on every DJs play lists.

If you like big radio friendly stadium rock choruses with great melodies then this is the band for you. All the songs are well crafted and although it is easy to spot the bands influences they can certainly stand up on their own.

Standout tracks are "We Are One", "Heaven's Closing In" which reminded me of a cross between Silent Rage and Europe and my personal favourite "Shine".

by K.T. Glitz

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