The Pocket Rockets - It's Only Rocket Science (But I Like It)

Where do I start with this, with the naff title or the fact this is just poorly produced? This 4 track EP from the Pocket Rockets is just sub-standard throughout and sounds as if it has been churned out too quickly.

I really have a problem with the vocals on this. Apart from the vocalist being relatively weak, the levels are way too low, so much so that I can hardly make out the lyrics at all and in the places where I can, I didn't know what they meant.

Although the Pocket Rockets are from Italy, it would be easy to mistake their vocalist as Japanese as in places I thought he was singing 2 different languages like X Japan do.

The other noticeable problem is that the rhythm section is way out in a lot of places especially during fills and the keyboards on 'You're In Love' are just lame and poorly mixed.

It's Only Rocket Science (But I Don't Like It) - sorry guys.

by Grant W.

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