The Pigs - Oink!

Geoff Western and his stinky Pigs uncouthly depart from the sty to commence their unashamed revelry with a supreme blend of retro power pop rock. Partying fuckin' hard is the manifesto here. Daringly and unapologetically nutty, these pop supremacists can leave one instantly feeling exhausted before the fun's even started!

This release from the Pigs sounds definitively 80s new wave but a glimpse under the surface reveals varying layers of distinctively intricate instrumental talent. Something fresh will be discovered on each listen. The common foundation on all the tracks is an eccentric and eclectic blend of inspiring and chaotic pop.

The opener 'Saturday Night' is a bursting charade of sweet synths, rock pop beats littered with rude saxophones. 'Paradise' quickly ensues and takes a page straight out of the Talking Heads book. Its warm retro fuzz, half time changes and melodic guitar solo are rampantly cheerful!

'Sweetheart' is a top pop pseudo ballad, although the phone sample at the beginning drags a little longer than it should. They have a successful grasp on how to playfully do your nut in but perhaps this extended moment of calm offers us a mild reprieve during the long haul party. As the record unfolds you breathlessly ponder what the hell they will throw at you next. Predictably unpredictable. The feverish pace and structure is wacky with intent.

This highly accomplished work churns out top tunes with enviable ease. Each track succeeds in being a complete individual. The first listen is likeable but each successive time hooks you deeper and harder. Be warned, as getting the Pigs out of your head may be an irksome and futile task. These bastards are partying professionals whose annoying and passionate sentiments conjure gratification from the listener in a multitude of ways. When one comes across something as solid as this, a true fan of music will allow genre preferences to just melt away...

by Kiran the Killer

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