The O.A.O.T's - Typical

Throw in some 80s New Wave Retro along with early INXS and the post-punk sounds of the band Husker Du, what more is there to say, other than… what an awesome band and CD this is! I was blown away! So blown away to have been playing this CD constantly since first listen.

'Janelle', 'Can't Let You Go', 'On & On', 'Kelly Oh'... I could name all the songs on here but let me just say, every song is like icing on the cake... no disappointments.

One song that I should mention is 'Take Me', I have heard this song a hundred times and still find myself playing it over and over like a broken record with 3 pennies on the needle. The O.A.O.T's are doing something right and I'm diggin it all. I'll give The O.A.O.T's 100 stars! Is that possible?
Believe it, it IS possible!

by Marcus Calzada

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