The Nash - Kicks and Glory

Given that this band list their influences as Weezer and the Deftones, it's fair to say that, how you feel about those bands will probably determine whether you like "Kicks And Glory" or not.

Me, I thought it was alright without really being anything special. The main problem, as with a lot of bands trying the whole "pop-punk" thing at the moment is that you can't help but feel you've heard this sort of thing done a lot better before.

At their best, the Nash sound like Elvis Costello fronting a Ramones tribute band, at their worst, they veer dangerously close to the whole irony-heavy emo-nerd-pop schtick, which is surely the sort of thing any glam revival should be setting out to destroy. Something of an acquired taste but like I say, if the influences listed at the start are your thing then you might like it.

by Andy James

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