The Millions - Million Dollar Rock

Chicago based band The Millions deserve a hell of a lot more than 'supporting a local Bon Jovi Tribute band', to be honest, they're the ones' who should be being supported, or at least touring alongside bands such as Vince Neil and Butch Walker. Such a damn shame and such a waste of talent… so if you're a big knob on the music scene reading this, open your damn ears and get these guys signed, pronto!

Million Dollar Rock is one, 100% jet-fuelled rock n' roll CD that manages to lodge itself within your brain cells like a leech on human skin. There's high points, and low n' behold, more high points and if I could pin this up in lights as the most spectacular CD I've heard in 2004 I would.

I found myself likening them to bands such as 'The Loving Dead', 'Galactic Cowboys', 'Enuff Z'Nuff', 'U.S. Crush' and the 'Anti-Product', yet my partner recalled them as Cheap Trick (2004). I guess it's all in what the listener hears themselves; and I can guarantee, you'll hear the above and a lot more besides.

So what are you waiting for, get those fingers tapping, get that bankers card ready and order, order, order!

by Spice D. Warlock

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