The Matlocks - EP

After receiving this CD, I was excited to see a band name I'd heard and read of, but hadn't had the chance to actually hear.

At first listen I was reminded of Backyard Babies, but the Matlocks added their own brand of music style to make this a great start. Continuing, the CD went into 'Give Away' and then onto the excellent Hanoi Rocks influenced 'Kung Fu Woman'. But before I knew it, the last song 'Poolboy' had come around, and this was the only disappointment… my end. I only wish it was a full CD... but I tell you one thing, I'll be waiting with baited breath for a full album for sure.

If you like Backyard Babies or any other bands running along the same lines, then the Matlocks are definitely a must! Check 'em out!

I'm giving this CD 9* out of 10*

by Marcus Calzada

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